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MasterMind Program – Starting Soon in Madison!

On March 24 a group is going to be starting an exciting adventure in Madison. We’re going to be holding a MasterMind program. For those not familiar, a MasterMind program is a monthly meeting of individuals who are focused on making their goals into reality. We start the group by defining our goals, and meet the 4th Tuesday of every month (Except December 29) for a couple of hours in the evening. Between these meetings participants have a weekly meeting with their coaching partner that lasts about an hour.

I’ve really been looking forward to this group, which I’m facilitating. It’s a great opportunity to get serious about what I want to accomplish! This program was designed by Patricia Clason, the co-owner and director of the Center for Creative Learning in Milwaukee. We’ll also be including a slew of valuable resources designed and gathered by Patricia as part of the course.
If you are interested in participating, please download the flyer and registration form. And you can let me know if you have questions.
We can’t wait to start!

Cable? What Cable?

It occurred to me as I was driving home tonight that it’s now been several months since I cancelled cable. I’m amazed to say that I don’t miss it overall. There have been a few times when I’ve wanted to veg and been drawn to the TV. I don’t even have it set up to watch channels over the air – I just don’t care enough. A couple of those times I watched one of the DVDs I own. Often I read. Imagine that.

This is such a major success, as I grew up in a household where the TV was always the fourth wall. Indeed, if I’m in a bar or somewhere where a TV is playing I am completely distracted by it, as I have a strong conditioned response to watch it. TVs are just plain evil.

I thought when I cancelled that I’d really miss some of my favorite shows. At this point, they don’t matter. If I’m at a friend’s and would get a chance to watch, it would be fun, and it no longer has the weight that it used to.

Hm. I wonder if I should be one of those annoying people who puts a “Kill your television” bumper sticker on their car. God knows I’m annoying in lots of other ways, so I’ll have to think about it.

Flooring is Done!

I’m very excited to announce that I completed installation of the last piece of hardwood flooring last night. The project has taken almost a year, mainly due to my just not getting to it.

The last two rows took about as long as any 10 other rows to install. It’s always so futzy having to drill manually and nail with a hammer, instead of using the flooring nailer. The last piece of the penultimate row was particularly frustrating: The nails were bending, and I simply couldn’t get the right angle at it to drive them home. I ended up having to split the piece with a hammer and chisel and do it again. Then on the final row my drill bit broke, and I almost set the house on fire after taking off my sweatshirt and accidentally dropped the sleeve on the halogen lamp I was using. I caught it after it started smoking.

While the flooring isn’t perfect, I’m quite pleased. There are some gaps here and there, although they’ll mostly close up during the warmer months.

Now on to a new adventure: painting and replacing the ugly trim I removed!