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MasterMind Program – Starting Soon in Madison!

On March 24 a group is going to be starting an exciting adventure in Madison. We’re going to be holding a MasterMind program. For those not familiar, a MasterMind program is a monthly meeting of individuals who are focused on making their goals into reality. We start the group by defining our goals, and meet the 4th Tuesday of every month (Except December 29) for a couple of hours in the evening. Between these meetings participants have a weekly meeting with their coaching partner that lasts about an hour.

I’ve really been looking forward to this group, which I’m facilitating. It’s a great opportunity to get serious about what I want to accomplish! This program was designed by Patricia Clason, the co-owner and director of the Center for Creative Learning in Milwaukee. We’ll also be including a slew of valuable resources designed and gathered by Patricia as part of the course.
If you are interested in participating, please download the flyer and registration form. And you can let me know if you have questions.
We can’t wait to start!

Girls Rock!

This is one of the movies that Rachel and I saw during the Wisconsin Film Festival. It was my favorite movie of the festival. It might immediately appear silly, and do not be mistaken: it is a great movie in several respects.

This is a Rock ‘n’ Roll camp for girls in Seattle. I was expecting a nice feel-good movie, where the participants would be shepherded through a process–no way! These girls learn an instrument in five days if they don’t know one, and they have to pick their own bandmates. Nothing about this movie is predigested. The women who staff the camp rock themselves. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

It’s currently playing at Sundance Theatres in Madison. I recommend this film to anyone, and any girl or woman who wants to feel more empowered–go see it!

You can also visit the Girls Rock movie website.