I Hate Computers

Sometimes I’m a bit more prophetic than I want. I did, indeed, reinstall windows after the last entry. Didn’t go exactly right. No internet access. Tried again several different times several different ways. I gave up for the moment.

I can’t remember if I called Rachel or she called me—I was in the throes of computer repair. We were both hungry, so I picked up food at Bandung (great Indonesian food if you’ve never tried it), and we ate it while watching The Matrix on her new TV. My favorite movie ever.

I returned home and once again started battling my computer. I decided on a fresh install, and I’d just have to reinstall all the software I use. *sigh* More and more futzing—I went to bed during the install.


I shouldn’t’a stayed up so late last night. Dr. Wagner called me at 8:28 to let me know it all went well, and I could come get the boy. I got ready and went over. Wait, talk to the doctor, wait, get the cat, wait, get more meds refills. I went to pay and they hadn’t entered him as being there for the night, so they didn’t have the right charge. The woman asked me if I’d be there some time soon. Dr. Wagner and I both laughed. Yes, no later than Friday, I imagine.

I came home and finished the install of Windows. More and more futzing, and then I started installing software. I couldn’t remember where all my email settings were—oh, show hidden files. And then I had to go about figuring out all my account settings. Why don’t I have that recorded anywhere? *sigh* I’m back up and functional, although there will still be stuff to load. While this ended up being a big pain in the tuckus, at least it didn’t end up being a huge pain in the tuckus.

Butterscotch has been napping the whole time since I got home. He’s just now gotten up to use the facilities, and eat and drink. I don’t have plans tonight—hmm, I haven’t been making any plans recently. Oh well.

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