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Swimcaps & Antibiotics

I got an email last night from Rachel that had the rules for the triathlon on Sunday. All participants must wear brightly colored swim caps! I’m tempted to get one with flowers, but I’ll probably end up getting one that matches my tri-suit.

I woke up at 4 am and Butterscotch hadn’t joined me. I found him sitting in the window, where’d I’d left him when I went to bed! I brought him to bed and he laid on top of me for about an hour, again being very affectionate. He even dreamed again.

This morning, however, things are a bit different. He wants to go out, and he wants to go out NOW. You’d never know that he has less than half the red blood cells he should in his body. He also fought taking medicine, which is normally very easy because it’s a liquid. He’s again making his point that HE WANTS OUT. Sorry, buckaroo, no go. My roommate stated that the boy almost slipped past him when he was going in and out of the door. *sigh* This part isn’t fun.